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    I love seeing pictures of Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu posing together, because it always looks like JLM’s crush has agreed to be his prom date and he still can’t quite believe it

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    Professor: Your essay must be 3,000 - 6,000 words

    Me: image

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    i bet at the abc family headquarters just has a big red button on a wall labeled “harry potter marathon” in big letters

    And there’s a sign next to it that says “It has been [17] days since our last harry potter marathon”

    The higher that number is, the more uneasy the employees feel.

    #I think it’s time to push it again says one of the employees

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    Why is everyone being declared a feminist icon? I can understand Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen, but Beyoncé and Rihanna? Who next Niki Minaj?

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    seasonal fashion according to me

    god i hate summer

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    Oh no! I’m going to spoil his puzzle night with his loser friends.

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    margaery + staring longingly at sansa

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    1. are you gay?
    3. gay people: hella
    4. pan/bi/poly people: ish?
    5. are you straight?
    6. straight people: YES????? WHAT ELSE WOULD I BE???? DO I LOOK GAY???? IS IT MY SHIRT????
    7. gay people: nah
    8. pan/bi/poly people: ish?
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    white women of hollywood, reducing japan and japanese culture to cupcakes, sexy ”costumes” and submissive sex-kittens since god knows when

    white people, this is why nobody trusts you

    yeah, so white women fetishize, objectify, and commodify woc as well and treat us like props.

    this is why we don’t trust you. 

    In response to your logic, please find attached a picture of Hyuna Kim “fetishizing” and “commodifying” american culture. Yes I know she’s Korean, but J-pop and K-pop are relatively close in style, so don’t be pernickety. This use of other cultures isn’t a one way thing; as far as I know, American culture isn’t only basketball shirts and sunglasses.

    Also, your Katy Perry picture is a poor example of the message you’re trying to convey. She, as well as her backing dancers, is in traditional Japanese dress, and there is not a cupcake or submissive sex kitten in sight.

    And to add to that, what makes me really angry is that you are complaining about white women being racist and culturally stereotyping women of colour, and your response is what? “This is why nobody trusts you” - racism. Talk about hypocritical, you’re making sweeping statements about the Caucasian population as untrustworthy because a few dumb commercialised bitches in America made some music videos. Get off your high horse, just because you feel victimised by something doesn’t give you the right to do the same to others.

    I didn’t want to get involved in this debate, I made a post yesterday and deleted it because I really can’t be bothered to deal with the inevitable backlash, but really this is getting stupid I’ve seen so many posts about it since then and it’s getting on my nerves.

    "Yeah she’s Korean, but Korea and Japan are basically the same, right guys??" ….

    Katy Perry and her dancers were NOT in “traditional dress”, jesus christ.

    They were in sexed up kimonos with thigh-high slits in the sides, and face paint. Her “kimono” (which actually looks more like a cheongsam..) has a chest window! It’s a very poor, sexualised interpretation of geisha.
    The fact that anyone would think that is how geisha actually dress shows how influential this type of representation can be. Here’s a photo of a geisha so you can see the difference.

    Not to mention in the k-pop picture they don’t have a bunch of Caucasian girls dressed in basketball jerseys dancing around for them. They are just taking the clothes and that particular style of dress. American artists are using Japanese girls, not Japanese fashion, there is a big difference. I’ve had guys tell me they have “yellow fever”, that “Japanese girls get kinky” and a guy even showed me a picture of another Japanese girl in wearing a kitten costume “begging for treats” when I mention that I’m Japanese. People feel they have the right to say some straight up creepy things to me because I am Japanese and this is the image they have of my culture and consequently me.

    Also do your research before you want to try and defend pop stars exploiting Japanese girls because Katy Perry is NOWHERE NEAR “TRADITIONAL WEAR.”

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    A gameshow that forces male nerds into the unnecessarily sexualized outfits female video game characters have that they defend as “practical,” and then makes them do agility training

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