Something You Should Consider Is...: No, but seriously.I have serious feels about how Tim was written out...


No, but seriously.

I have serious feels about how Tim was written out of the batfamily, and, to be honest, for a long time his position within the batfam was tenuous at best.

But over time, you know, I thought it got better, and Bruce got better and started to care about Tim more.

And then he…

Honestly “Tim fan problems”
  1. incogneat-oh said: oh my god it is way too early for these feels but i agree 1500%
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    Honestly “Tim fan problems”
  3. motherfuckingnazgul said: well now that’s just rude
  4. digitonicelectronic said: It is really hard to focus and write a paper on autonomy, parenting styles, and development of the self/self-esteem/etc for my adolescent psych class when all I have now are Tim feels. Ugh. Feels get in the way of real world required tasks.
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