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    Avengers Assemble 16 Preview


    Reminder that The Enemy Within Part 2 (of 5) is out tomorrow.  It’s Enemy Within Part 2, but it’s Avengers Assemble 16.  

    Because comics. 

  2. Wings [DC Women] [FemFebruary] 

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    13 Comics to Look Forward to in 2013


    The title says it all. Despite the bummers that happened last year, there much that is great in comics. And 2013 is looking like it will offer many great projects. Here’s a guide of what to look forward to this coming year. Or at least what I’m looking forward to!

    These aren’t in any particular order.

    1. Image’s Lazarus by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark!


    Well, like others I’ve said I’d read the phone book if Rucka wrote it but thankfully this which he describes as The Godfather meets Children of Men,” sounds better and with Rucka’s collaborator from Gotham Central, it will look much much better. You can hear me and Kelly talk about this with Rucka here. (Due “early” 2013)

    Twelve more and BONUS after the jump!

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    The women of Marvel NOW! by Kris Anka.

    I think it was a few days ago that I was praising Anka for his ethnically diverse Elektra. Now I want to harp on about his ability to also draw diverse faces within the same ethnicity.

    Both Wanda in the top right and Sif in the centre left have the regal bearing of people who know they are superior to those around them. There is arrogance in their bearings, but they also have the faces of aristocrats. Both have fine noses and delicate but noticeable jawlines that fit with their standing as mutant royalty and a living deity respectively.

    Now look at Anka’s presentation of age. Sue Richards on the top right is clearly the oldest person in this photoset and Kate Bishop is the youngest (bottom centre). The contrast of Sue’s defined cheekbones and Kate’s soft cheeks is the key marker of the age gap, but their eyes shape and bearing also present the youthful energy of Kate versus the slightly world-weary Sue.

    Finally, if you had no prior knowledge of the characters in this photoset and I asked you to pick the two images that are of the same character, I’d like to think you’d choose the bottom left and right. Both of these are of Betty Ross (Red She-Hulk), one angry, one determined. I know there are tons of artist who can consistently draw the same face as it goes through the emotional spectrum, but don’t you think Anka managed to pull it off superbly with those two pictures?

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    Wonder Woman v2 #210

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Catwoman by ~Manji675
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Runaways - Karolina && Nico


    Runaways - Karolina && Nico

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Karolina Dean by *thestarofpisces on Deviantart.
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Supergirl — lines by Randy Green, colours by Eddy Swan


    Supergirl — lines by Randy Green, colours by Eddy Swan

  12. Uncanny X-Men Annual #3

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wade winston wilson


    wade winston wilson