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    sherlock holmes calling a woman a whore is how you can tell steven moffat wrote the episode bye

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    The key difference between Sherlock and Elementary comes down to the way each show treats its protagonist. Everything in Sherlock revolves around Sherlock. He is the series’ sole reason for existing, and the dynamic remains frozen in amber. Sherlock will do something outrageous, everyone will gasp, but then he’ll solve a crime or offer a token gesture of commiseration, and everyone will move on. It gets old, because the show simultaneously wants its audience to be shocked by Sherlock’s behavior, and charmed by his roguish self-regard and evident brilliance, without much variation. Elementary takes a broader view. As Sherlock, Miller is often standoffish and arrogant, but he exists in a world that refuses to let him off the hook for his mistakes or his behavior; better still, he recognizes his failings, and is clearly working toward addressing them. This doesn’t mean the series is about “fixing” Holmes, or even that the character is inherently broken, but it allows for the possibility of growth and change. On Sherlock, Holmes is constantly bemoaning that he’s surrounded by idiots, and it’s hard to argue his point. On Elementary, Holmes is engaged in the slow, painful process of accepting that those “idiots” might have something to teach him. The former has its moments, but the latter makes for better television and more rewarding art.
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    having two characters being constantly mistaken for a gay couple is fucking ridiculous and unrealistic. in real life people will go OUT OF THEIR WAY to assume you’re straight, and even then, no one would ever confront you about it. a character vehemently denying being gay is not funny. it’s fucking offensive. 

  4. I found it difficult to put Elementary out of my mind when watching this episode — although I don’t want to start a debate over which Holmes adaptation is “better” because they each have their own strengths and flaws. Elementary will never be a 90-minute thriller with so many snappy one-liners and double-takes that you sometimes have to rewind and rewatch because you were laughing so hard. Then again, Sherlock has never displayed anything that even approaches the emotional complexity and maturity of Elementary, not to mention its unusually diverse cast.

    After having two years to become acclimatised to Elementary’s realistic level of racial diversity, this episode just seemed to highlight just how odd and uncomfortable it is to film a feature-length crime drama all over London and have every single character be white. An episode set in the Conservative Party conference would still require a more diverse cast than what we saw in “The Empty Hearse,” which takes place all over London at various times of day and night. Also, Sherlock already has some decidedly dodgy history with the way it portrays non-white characters, particularly in “The Blind Banker.”

    The one other comparison I have to make is between the Holmes/Watson relationships in each show. Elementary’s Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes have changed a great deal in the year and a half they’ve been together, learning each other’s foibles and actively working to strengthen their relationship in a mature and intelligent way. John and Sherlock, on the other hand, are far more antagonistic. There’s no denying that their partnership is intense to the point of symbiosis, but it relies upon John tolerating Sherlock’s unbearable behaviour, which in this episode was more unbearable than ever.

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    the sherlock fanbase has this shit habit of calling ‘dumb’ people ‘andersons’ and uh andersons hella smarter than half of you he works in forensics and most likely has a degree and so on and you all sit on the fucking computer all day and bitch about people who don’t ship johnlock and fantasise about gargling benedict cumberbatch’s testicles

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    OrphanLock AU: “Sherlock, what do you know about cloning?”

    I like that Cosmia is checking out Molly hooper. It’s really cute.

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-You should do male Adler to match the female Sherlock, John and Moriarty
Stop this nonsense, Mr. Adler. And you must not get away from reality, Ms. Watson.


    -You should do male Adler to match the female Sherlock, John and Moriarty

    Stop this nonsense, Mr. Adler. And you must not get away from reality, Ms. Watson.

  10. I hope molly is on the back of sherlock’s bike and the whole first episode is mainly them running around the world unraveling Moriarty’s web and having great sex a great time.

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  12. James Moriarty isn’t a man at all. He’s a spider. A spider at the center of a web. A criminal web with a thousand threads and he knows precisely how each and every single one of them dances.

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requested by anon

    requested by anon

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    i couldn’t figure out anything funny to draw… 

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